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Equine Affaire 2015!

Annual Banquet!

2015 CT Renegades Annual Awards Banquet
(photo of best dressed by Jeanne Lewis Gherardi)
The Old Well Tavern was the place to celebrate all the accomplishments of the 2015 shooting season. The three best dressed cowboys and cowgirls of the evening were: Sabrina Fecteau, Sally Wainman, Shyanne OStrander, Alan Green, Roger Dinsmore and Bob O’Connell. Special Recognition awards were given to Christine Boudreau, Sabrina Fecteau, Sally Wainman, and Riches Jewelers. The Most Improved Horse & Rider Team was Andrea Galuska and Cinnamon. The Silver Spur award winner was Alan Green. Our Big E Parade Survisor awars went to Deb & Pecos, Heather & Arwen, Paige & Missour, Dy & Cash Horse, Kowboy Ken & Red. Our 2015 “Sharpshooter” was Joan Davis. The “Turbo” award was given to Missouri, one of our most accomplished equine members, and the 8th member was inducted into the CT Renegades Hall of Fame, was Gus Carlson. Our High Point winners of season were also recognized: Top CSA Riders: Top Cowpoke Level: Mackenzee Gelinas, Top Apprentice Level: Kayla Davis, Overall Cowboy: Roger Dinsmore, Reserve Cowboy: Gus Carlson, Overall Cowgirl: Ali Forsyth, Reserve Cowgirl: Paige Forsyth, Top CMSA Riders: Gus Carlson, Reserve: Bruce Tolhurst, Overall Cowgirls: Ali Forsyth, Paige Forsyth. Top CT Renegades Riders (CMSA & CSA Combined): Top Cowboys: Gus Carlson, Reserve: Bruce Tolhurst, Top Cowgirls: Ali Forsyth, Reserve: Paige Forsyth. 
2014 CT Renegades Annual Awards Banquet
(photo of best dressed by Jeanne Lewis Gherardi)
The Old Well Tavern once again served up a great meal and the club offered the evening at a great rate to thank all our members for a great shooting season. Several cowboys and cowgirls dressed up for the occasion, but the three best dressed cowboys and cowgirls of the evening were: Jennifer Seymour, Abby Jenner, Chris Anson, Bob O’Connell, Alan Green, and Roger Dinsmore. Special Recognition awards were given to Gus Carlson, Heather Hicks, Lerryn Godden, and Bruce Tolhurst. The Most Improved Horse & Rider Team was Paige Forsyth & Missouri. Our 2014 “Sharpshooter” was Alan Green. The “Turbo” award was given to Cherokee, one of our most accomplished equine members, and the 7th member was inducted into the CT Renegades Hall of Fame, was Ali Forsyth. Our High Point winners of season were also recognized: Top CSA Riders: Top Cowpoke Level: Mackenzee Gelinas Top Apprentice Level: Abby Jenner Top Novice Level: Lynn O’Connell Top Amateur Level: Paige Forsyth Top Limited Level: Ali Forsyth Overall Cowboy: Roger Dinsmore, Reserve Cowboy: Gus Carlson Overall Cowgirl: Ali Forsyth, Reserve Cowgirl: Joan Davis Top CMSA Riders: Overall Club Winners: Bill Riel, Reserve: Bruce Tolhurst Overall Club Winners: Ali Forsyth, Joan Davis Overall State Cowboy: Bruce Tolhurst, Reserve: Gus Carlson Overall State Cowgirl: Ali Forsyth, Reserve: Joan Davis NE Region Reserve Cowgirl (and 3rd Overall for the NE): Kelly Sommers Top CT Renegades Riders (CMSA & CSA Combined): Top Cowboys: Roger Dinsmore, Reserve: Bruce Tolhurst Top Cowgirls: Ali Forsyth, Reserve: Joan Davis The big winner of the evening was Jo-An Boehm, winner of the Newington Gun Exchange Cimmaron Pistol! Thank you to Jeff of Newington Gun Exchange and Cimmaron Firearms for this great prize once again. Congratulations Jo-An! Thank you to all our members for another fun season. We hope to see you all next year!
2013 CT Renegades Annual Awards Banquet
(photo of best dressed by Jeanne Lewis Gherardi)
The CT Renegades 2013 Awards banquet wasn’t just our 7th annual event, but the event with the most anticipation and prizes! A sponsor of ours from the beginning, Jeff Barrett of the Newington Gun Exchange, was there to help us cap off a great season. Not only did he bring some great Colt hats to award, and a great blue Colt LED wall sign, but he also brought a certificate granting the winner a new Cimarron Pieta pistol valued at $400! Thank you to Zander Hicks for picking all the winners of those prizes. A full list of the winners including those categories that we recognize annually are below. Many thanks go out to the banquet committee for planning and hosting another great evening. A special thanks go to Chris Anson for the beautifully transformed room we celebrated in!
  • Cimarron Pistol: Bonnie Tyler
  • Colt LED Sign: Gus Carlson
  • Colt hats: Kelly Sommers, Sabrina Fecteau, Jeanne Lewis Gherardi, Ali Forsyth & Roger Dinsmore
  • CT Renegades Hall of Fame: Jo-An Boehm
  • Sharpshooter: Joan Davis
  • Silver Spurs Award: Steve Pino
  • Best Dressed Cowgirls of the evening: Jo-An, Sabrina, Chris
  • Best Dressed Cowboys of the evening: Roger, Bruce, Gus
  • Most Improved Horse & Rider team: Bill Riel & Blue
  • CT High Point Cowboy: Roger Dinsmore
  • CT High Point Cowgirl: Ali Forsyth
  • Special Recognition: Suburban Sanitation, The Safariland Group, Bluebird Meadow Farms, Newington Gun Exchange
  • Special Recognition: Alan Green, Pat O’Dell
  • Apprentice: Kayla Davis & Cowpoke: Zander Hicks

 2012 CT Renegades Annual Awards Banquet

The Renegades celebrated another great shooting year with food, fun and many awards. The several years of support and effort by long time member, Bruce Tolhurst, was recognized by being the 5th member to be inducted into the CT Renegades Hall of Fame. Other members recognized as follows:
CT High Point Cowboy: Roger Dinsmore

CT High Point Cowgirl: Emma Reichart

Top Wrangler – Limited – Kayla Davis

Top Wrangler – Open - Sydney Reichart

Sharp Shooter – Ali Forsyth

Silver Spur Award: Paige Forsyth

Special Recognitions: Sue Calef, Billy Hurst & Deb Sommers

Most improved horse & rider team: Kowboy Ken & Red

Eternal Sorrel Bar Award: Box of Bullets “Blue” owned by Roger & Lisa Dinsmore




The best dressed cowboys and cowgirls of the evening were:

1. Chris Anson, 2. Sabrina Fecteau, 3. Lisa Dinsmore

1. Roger Dinsmore, 2. Bruce Tolhurst, 3. Al Calef


If those recognitions weren’t enough, Sue Calef capped it off with the presentation of two beautiful hand-made, personalized quilts for Roger Dinsmore and Joan Davis in appreciation of their many years of dedication to our mounted shooting club.





I would also like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the many people that not only made the banquet a wonderful evening, but the entire shooting year. It takes a great group of people to make our club successful, and I’m proud to say we found them!


2011 CT Renegades Banquet

It's hard to believe another shooting season and our annual banquet is already behind us once again. Members, family and friends gathered at the local watering hole (Old Well Tavern) for an evening of awards, food, music and fun. Thanks to the entire committee for another great event: Roger & Lisa Dinsmore, Jo-An Boehm, Bill Hurst, Joan Davis, Gus Carlson, Chris Anson, Laurie Bertrand and Ali Forsyth. Thanks also go to those that helped out at the event: Bruce Tolhurst, Heather Hicks, Kurt Forsyth and Paige Forsyth. 
Several members were recognized for their 2011 accomplishments:
1) Jennifer Seymour - our newest inductee into the CT Renegades Hall of Fame
2) Joan Davis - Sharpshooter
3) Sue Calef - Silver Spur Award
4) Heather Hicks - Silver Spur Award
5) Sabrina Fecteau & Blue - Most Improved Horse & Rider team
6) Steve Pino - Special Recognition
7) Chris Anson - Special Recognition
8) Jeanne Lewis Gherardi - Special Recognition
9) Bruce Tolhurst - Pinkerton
10) Kayla Davis - Top Wrangler
11) Judy Carpenter - In loving memory
The best dressed cash prizes were awarded to:
1st - Jo-An Boehm and Al Calef
2nd - Sabrina Fecteau & Mark Rizzo
3rd - Chris Anson & Kenny Davis

2010 CT Renegades Banquet

The Renegades, their families and friends came together at the Old Well Tavern in Simsbury, CT on Sat. Nov. 20, 2010 for an evening of eating, drinking, dancing, socializing and awarding. Many thanks go to all the members who made it happen. Ali Forsyth arranged a great feast of wings, Swedish meatballs, veggies, cheese, crackers, prime rib, tilapia, pasta, vegetables, potatoes, salad and rolls. She also prepared a video of shooters that ran all night. Kurt Forsyth kept the music requests coming and the line dancers happy. Laurie Bertrand brought the cake with pictures of the Club flag and the newest member of the Hall of Fame. Heather Hicks took the reservations. Bruce Tolhurst composed and printed the program and gathered statistics and calculated the Sharpshooter award. Roger Dinsmore and Joan Davis ordered and picked up the awards. Joan also sewed the numbers on the Border Wars Flag which the club will proudly display until the next "battle".

Awards presented:

Judy Carpenter and Jo-An Boehm received plaques for five years of dedicated service as check-in and scorekeepers.

Joan Davis was Sharpshooter for the season.

Pete, Bruce Tolhurst’s horse, was honored posthumously with the "Turbo" award for his outstanding contribution to cowboy mounted shooting.

Carolyn Stearns (pictured above) was named to the CT Renegades Hall of Fame.

Stephanie Shaw and Bruce Tolhurst received cash prizes for 1st place Best Dressed. 

 Mary and Joe Mugnai received cash prizes for 2nd place Best Dressed.

Laura DeMaio and Mark Brady received cash prizes for 3rd place Best Dressed.

The following members were recognized for their achievements.

Roger Dinsmore was CT High Point Cowboy.

Joan Davis was CT High Point Cowgirl.

Mark Rizzo was Northeast Region High Point Cowboy.

Joan Davis was Northeast Region High Point Cowgirl.

Our own professional storyteller, Carolyn Stearns, graciously shared another wonderful story. This one was about an exceptional horse that carried his human home through a storm. After her story, Carolyn was the third Renegade inducted into the Hall of Fame. She has spent countless hours supporting the club by organizing the first benefit for the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, heading up the sponsor program booklet for the last Northeast Regional and announcing at all club matches.

All the club Range Masters were included in a drawing for a metal wall hanging of a bison donated by Dan Arnsted. Dan has helped the club as armorer. Stephanie Shaw was the lucky winner!

 Pictured below are Eric, Laura, Steph and Eliza.





   2009 CT Renegades Banquet

 Wow! What an outstanding end to a great season. Atmosphere, great food and service, happy cowgirls and cowboys of all ages, elegant Victorian ladies and gentlemen, music, dancing, big screen slide show, awards, recognitions and good humored “roasts” all added up to a terrific evening.

The Old Well Tavern banquet room’s décor of wood and tiffany style lights were enhanced with saddles, wagon wheels, holsters, hides and other western items. Each table had programs containing names of sponsors and countless individuals who make our matches happen and a small cone with a balloon. It was mighty tempting-but all pistols had to be checked outside. Bonnie turned in her long guns shortly after she got Kenny to do a quick step!

Appetizers and beverages were served at 5:30 pm. Everyone got caught up and admired each other’s outfits. At 6:30, the staff served a fabulous buffet of prime rib, fish, mixed vegetables, salad, pasta, potatoes and bread. The guests ate and watched the slide show on the large screen, while DJs Kurt and Ali Forsyth kept the music low enough for good conversation.

After dinner, the awards began with Karin Page, a shooter in New Hampshire and administrator of the AQHA Region Six Mounted Shooter Award Program, presenting the Connecticut riders their prizes. Pat Aresco was third, Ali Forsyth was second and Roger Dinsmore was first. Her charming children, Liberty and Lexington assisted.

Roger Dinsmore received a plaque naming him the second CT Renegade inducted into the Hall of Fame. Roger started the CT Renegades in 2005 and continues to be its president and the sinew that holds it together and the spark that keeps it growing. He runs clinics and gives lessons to help new folks get into the sport. Hall of Famers get their picture on the banquet cake. His was a typical sight-Roger racing down the rundown of a rifle stage riding Booger.

Then buckles were awarded to the club’s winners of the Regionals and State Championships. At the Regional, Pat Aresco won Ladies 2, Roger Dinsmore won Men’s 3, and Cindy Karp won Ladies 3 in full classes. The Overall buckle went to Bruce Tolhurst. Ali Forsyth won the buckle for Top Cowgirl. At the State Championships, Heather Hicks earned the Ladies 1 buckle, and Pat Aresco earned the Ladies 2 buckle by winning in full classes. Ali won Top Cowgirl again.

Special Dedication plaques were presented to:

Carolyn Rogers for all her time spent scheduling, transporting and supervising the balloon runners and chuck wagon for all home matches  

Carolyn Stearns for announcing at all home matches and helping with the benefit

Jen Seymour for providing a site for our matches and helping with stalls, camping and inevitable problems.

In addition, Cindy Karp was awarded a plaque for Sharpshooter. She had the best percentage of hits for the season. Gus Carlson was awarded the Silver Spurs Award for helping everyone with whatever they need done-trailer towing, belt buckling, Range Master, stage set-up and more. Special thanks went to Judy Carpenter and Jo-An Boehm for their commitment to scoring at every home and some away matches in all kinds of weather! They received and Associate membership to CMSA. Roger shared his personal gratitude with his four right hand gals, Lisa, Joan, Judy and Jo-An with a colorful bouquet of flowers. The Best Dressed guests at the banquet, Cheryl Cleaves and Eric Roy received top honors and a $40 certificate toward a CT Renegades match. Runners up were Jeff Cleaves and Laura DeMaio.


 The banquet committee came up with a new award to honor a special equine. The “Eternal Sorrel Bar” award will be given to an equine that has made outstanding contributions to the sport of Cowboy Mounted Shooting. It is named for the first recipient, better known as Turbo. Turbo’s family received a plaque including his picture.  

No banquet is complete without a “roast” or two. Mark Rizzo was a good sport about Roger getting on his case for influencing the cancellation of the Sat. match at the Regional weekend. Then Bronco Billy Hurst just had to tease Gus Carlson by way of Bonnie Tyler (She has a reputation for comedic stories.) Is seems “Old Cus” has his own reputation for being a “Cowboy Casanova”! That was a perfect lead-in to the dancing!

Many thanks go to the banquet committee: Roger Dinsmore, Lisa Dinsmore, Bronco Billy Hurst, Gus Carlson, Steve Brown, Jo-An Boehm, Laurie Bertrand, Ali Forsyth, Joan Davis and Bruce Tolhurst.


2008 CT Renegades Banquet

2008 CT Renegades Banquet As folks started arriving at the Old Well Tavern in Simsbury, CT, the room warmed with the hugs and smiles of members and friends gathering to celebrate the end of a busy shooting season and the anticipation of the next. True to our roots, almost everyone was dressed in 1880’s or Victorian outfits. The impartial judges gave the Best Dressed for the evening award to Mary Mugnai and Tim Stearns with Lee Shaw and Richard Karp close seconds. They received cash and gifts.

 Ali Forsyth is a pro at putting dinners together. She arranged this one starting with hot and cold appetizers followed by a buffet of rolls, beef, fish, pasta, salad and potatoes. Kurt Forsyth provided music for dining and dancing that appealed to all age groups. Bruce Tolhurst produced a keepsake program thanking the many people and the generous sponsors who helped last season. The room was decorated with western art and gear by Ali, Roger Dinsmore, Laurie Bertrand, Joan Davis, Judy Carpenter and Jo-An Boehm. Carolyn Stearns entertained with another wonderful story, this one about an animated rope! Certificates, checks and Cowboy by Choice gifts were awarded to the Best Dressed for the season.

The banquet guests voted on their reservation form and chose Best Dressed Cowgirl, Lisa Dinsmore and Best Dressed Cowboy, Roger Dinsmore! The Sharpshooter (as calculated by Bruce using shoot records) received a check and gift. Congrats to Sharpshooter, Roger Dinsmore! The Most Improved Horse and Rider Team was determined by past records and committee vote and received a beautiful throw by Cowboy by Choice. Congrats to Most Improved Horse and Rider Team, Arwen and Heather Hicks! The Gold Dust Award is given to the member who acquires the most sponsor support in cash and prizes. Congrats to Prospector, Lisa Dinsmore! The Silver Spurs Award is given to the member who exemplifies the Cowboy Way with good sportsmanship and a willingness to do whatever job that needs doing. Congrats to Cowgirl, Ali Forsyth!

Also recognized for their generous help were: Billy Hurst, Jen Seymour, Lisa and Roger Dinsmore and Cindy and Richard Karp for providing arenas Pinkerton, Bruce Tolhurst, for recruiting and scheduling Range Masters for all home matches Head Wrangler, Mark Rizzo, for leading the drill team at the Regional and Four Town Fair Judy Carpenter for scoring at every home match Jo-An Boehm for timing at every home match Carolyn Rogers for recruiting, transporting, training and supervising the Balloon Runners at all home matches The “icing on the cake” came as a total surprise to Joan Davis as she was recognized for contributing to the growth of the club since its inception with induction into the new CT Renegades Hall of Fame. She was honored with a plaque and picture (on Cherokee) on the cake.


Sat., Nov. 17, 2007 When you stepped into Reno’s Gathering Room, you stepped back in time to the 1880’s. Cowboys sporting flashy vests and rags were escorting ladies in velvet, satin and lace wearing hats and gloves. The Saloon décor was charming and fitting with the poker table, saddle, coat rack, fence and so much more.

2007 Ramrod Award went to Roger Dinsmore! He received a framed collage. The “Trailer Fund” was started in his honor. Members have donated $400 from their own pockets to put toward a small box trailer to transport and store match equipment. Carolyn Stearns entertained with two stories about characters strangely similar to some of our club members. Rachel Antonucci snapped and printed photos. Carolyn Rogers’ scrapbook made its debut. Buckles were awarded. Gifts were given to the Longrider, Joe Mugnai, the antique cowboy, Ed Geigner, the antique cowgirl, Joan Davis and the Greenhorn (youngest), Tim Stearns. 2007 Best Dressed Cowgirl is Cindy Karp! 2007 Best Dressed Cowboy is Roger Dinsmore! 2007 Sharpshooter is Bruce Tolhurst!

Reno and his team fed the crowd the best beef and fish with fixin’s. DJ Jane Lovett played great dance and karaoke tunes. Talents other than riding and shooting were set free. Tail feathers were a-shakin’. Voices were a-croonin’.

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