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 2021 Annual Banquet

CT Renegades top 10 Riders for the season 

  1. Kayla Davis

  2. Sabrina Beckman​

  3. Bill Milroy

  4. Alan Green

  5. Mike Brogan

  6. Chris Anson

  7. Tom Beckman

  8. Boz Pultz

  9. Ali Forsyth

  10. Debbie Sommers

Best dressed winners were Chris Anson, Sabrina Beckman, Willow, 
Kowboy Ken, BILL Milroy, & Gus Carlson  


I want to thank the banquet committee for all their hard work , Kurt Forsyth and Allison Forsyth for music, and Jeanne and Greg Gherardi for taking pictures.

Thank you to everyone that helps our club run, it certainly take a village.


Thank you to Old Well Tavern for hosting our group again this year.

We want to congratulate the following:

  • CT High Point Champions 

    • Kayla Davis

    • Bill Milroy

  • The Eternal Sorrell Bar Award was given to:

    • Red (Kowboy Ken)

  • Hall of Fame recipient:

    • Kowboy Ken

  • Sharpshooter Award:

    • Kayla Davis

  • Silver Spurs Award:

    • Tricia Davis

  • Most Improved Team:

    • Jeremy and Gunner

  • Special recognitions awards were given to:

    • Margie

    • Steve

    • Andrea

    • Bear Book Stable (Pat & Robin Hayes)

  • Wrangler Buckle

    • Willow

  • Clean Shooter Buckle (achieving 10 clean shoots)

    • Chris Anson​

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