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We have a new buckle to win it will be a Sharpshooter Buckle and will be awarded after 10 clean shoots. We understand this might take a few years to accomplish, but everyone has a shot at this award. You must be a CT Renegades member and keep your membership current. If you let your membership expire then you lose your points. CT Renegades memberships are always due in January and going forward you must be paid and renew by March 1st to be eligible for this buckle. Right now you need to renew or join the CT Renegades by April 1st 2017 to accumulate points for this buckle. You can only accumulate points at shoots hosted by the CT Renegades. (Vermont included)

CT Renegades Sweatshirts
now available to purchase at
all CTR Events
(Colors: Navy, Burgundy and Black)

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