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2017 Annual Banquet

The Old Well Tavern was once again the place to celebrate all the accomplishments of the 2017 shooting season.

We had a great banquet, lots of good food and great music. We honored some well deserving people who work hard throughout the year.

We want to congratulate the following:

  • CT High Point Champions 

    • Tom Beckman and Sabrina Fecteau

  • The Eternal Sorrell Bar Award was given to:

    • Arwen

  • Hall of Fame recipient:

    • Sabrina Fecteau

  • Sharpshooter Award:

    • Alan Green

  • Silver Spurs Award:

    • Tom Beckman

  • Most Improved Team:

    • Arrow and Chris Anson

  • Special recognitions awards were given to:

    • Debbie Sommers

    • Shyanne Ostrander

    • Bill Hurst

Thank you to everyone that helps our club run, it certainly take a village.
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